SafariBus is an integrated transport management platform inspired by technology to contribute to lasting solutions.


  • SafariBus Portal: A web-based platform for bus operators to manage and monitor daily transactions and reporting.
  • SafariBus Dual Interface Card: A card that supports both transport and financial transactions.
  • Card Pre-Registration and Top-Up: Users can easily pre-register their SafariBus cards and conveniently top up their balances.
  • Balance Checking: SafariBus cards allow users to check their card balance at any time.
  • SafariBus App: A mobile application that enables clients to book and purchase transport tickets.
  • SafariBus Web Booking: A web access for convenient transport ticket purchases.
  • SafariBus KeyKiosk: Self-service kiosks for booking and purchasing tickets.
  • Inspector App: An application for authorized personnel to carry out bus inspections.
  • USSD Code: Dialing *513# allows clients without smartphones to book and buy transport tickets.
  • Agents and Float Management: A network of agents and float management services for ticket distribution and fund management.
  • Automatic Settlement: Streamlined and automatic settlement process for bus operators.
  • Tracker SafariBus Cards: Cards that track and record transport transactions, providing valuable insights.

Payment Methods Supported

  1. SafariBus Cards: These dual-interface cards are specifically designed for transport and financial transactions within the SafariBus ecosystem.
  1. MoMo: Mobile Money, a popular mobile payment service in Africa, can also be used to top up SafariBus Cards, providing an additional convenient payment option for users
  1. Airtel Money: Users can utilize Airtel Money to top up their SafariBus Cards, enabling them to transfer funds from their Airtel Money accounts to their SafariBus Card balance.
  1. Visa Cards and MasterCards: This allows individuals to transfer funds from their Visa or MasterCard accounts to their SafariBus Card, enabling seamless payment and transactions within the SafariBus ecosystem.
  1. Cash:In addition to digital payment methods, SafariBus Cards can also be topped up using cash at authorized agents or designated locations, offering flexibility for users who prefer traditional payment methods and also Passengers can choose to pay for their tickets in cash at authorized agents or designated locations, offering flexibility for those who prefer traditional payment methods.

Facts & Figures

 Bus operators 20+
 Tickets sold everyday 45,000+