Board Member

Eddy Kayihura Mabano

Eddy Kayihura is an ICT entrepreneur. He has operated in the digital field for more than 20 years.

He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Afrinic, the Regional Internet Registry for Africa and the Indian Ocean between 2019 and 2022 based in Mauritius.

Eddy was also the Chief Technology Officer of Bank de Kigali, the largest bank in Rwanda, where he helped launch the digital transformation program. He was previously the Managing Director of Broadband Systems Corporation, an internet service provider in Rwanda which delivers its services mainly to large companies using a large fiber optic network as well as 4G.

Eddy has contributed to the development efforts of the Internet community in Rwanda by being the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RICTA which manages the Internet exchange point as well as the .RW domain name. He was also a facilitator in several workshops for the establishment of Internet Exchange Point in Africa.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT from the National University of Rwanda and a Master’s degree in International Business from Oklahoma Christian University ( MBA)